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International Student Programme Castleisland

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International Student Programme Castleisland
Co-ordinator for EIL International Living

EIL Intercultural Learning is an Irish "not for profit" organisation which provides intercultural learning opportunities through study abroad, volunteer abroad, language training, travel awards, group educational programmes, and other cultural immersion activities for about 2,000 people each year.
The organisation celebrated 50 years in Ireland in 2014.
Our Mission: "Providing intercultural learning experiences that enrich lives and inspire global citizenship".
Our Vision: "People of different cultures working together to develop mutual understanding and create a fair, cooperative and tolerant world".

Our Values:
• We believe in the transformative power of international intercultural
• We believe in the importance of life long learning: education through
travel is the cornerstone of all our work
• We believe in the capacity of people to effect positive change
• We believe in inclusiveness and encourage participation across all sections
of society
• We commit to the highest standards in all of our work, particularly safety
and care
• We cherish our not-for-profit status and measure our success by the
delivery of social good over commercial profit
• We believe that the entire EIL community, and external partners who share

our values, have a role to play in achieving our goals
The EIL Learning Model
Participation in all EIL programmes involves:
• Undertaking intercultural learning (developing intercultural competence)
• Engaging in experiential learning (learning by doing)
• Raising global consciousness (thinking critically about rights and
• Personal development/transferable skills development (of additional
personal and professional value)

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16th July 2018